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The aim of the founder was to make available the literatures of high value which were then enshrined in palm leaves by the handwriting process, to the ordinary man, at moderate prices and thereby spread the light of knowledge to every nook and corner of the country. With that view in mind Shri Subbiah Tennattu Reddiar (S.T.Reddiar) made ceaseless efforts to collect such works of high literary value which were written in Sanskrit and then engaged the literary luminaries to translate them into simple Malayalam so that those treasures of knowledge could be made available to the ordinary man through the process of printing. This he could accomplish during his life time itself and through the culturally oriented institution of ‘Vidyabhivardhini the great epics of Ramayanam, Bagavathamm, Bhaaratham and the collected Tullal and Kathakali stories, evening prayer poems, rare books on Astrology, indigenous Indian medicine of Ayurveda etc.

and these books were very much economically priced and made available even for the ordinary man which means S.T.Reddiar wanted to see these books reach huts and mansions without any discrimination.

Even before the well known publishers in foreign countries could think of publishing books at such moderate rates in huge quantities, Subbiah Tennattu Reddiar succeeded in making this dream fulfilled. The efforts of this institution made it possible for the common man to get acquainted with the great works of the past. The literary luminaries of those decades like Shri A.R..Raja Raja Varma, Kerala Varma Valiyakoil Thampuram, Subramaniam Potti, K.C.Kesava Pillai, I.C.Chacko etc. were actively associated with Vidhyabhivardhini Press.

During those days Subbiah Tenattu Reddiar received many rewards from the then Young Highness Sri Moolam Thirunal Maharaja for his meritorious services for the moral and educational promotional work through his publications.