Our Innovative Quality Standards

S.T.Reddiar and Sons (Ekm) is two full-fledged commercial printing units in Ernakulam, India, serving print customers with a reputation of 130 long years. S.T.Reddiar and Sons has a vigilant workforce to ensure perfect quality control over commercial offset printing. Being aware of the high standards in the market, we always endeavor to provide multiple alternatives to our clients enabling them to choose what works for their particular situation and meet our delivery schedules on time. Our products bear the hallmark of high quality and best design standards as we ensure that only the best of the products are delivered to our valued customers.

Consistency and reliability of every print are key factors in S.T.Reddiar and Sons operations. There are established quality control procedures in each phase of production at S.T.Reddiar and Sons. Jobs are sampled at each stage of production to ensure the quality of each finished piece.

Quality Control continues even after a job is completed. Every job is assessed to identify any possible inefficiency on a micro-scale, by department and individual. This information is used to proactively address potential operator or process issues and to ensure corrective action is taken. Our staff will work with you throughout the printing process to ensure that everything suits your needs.